Royal College of Engineering & Technology,Akkikavu

Dept. of AE&I

Main Events


Rules and Regulations

  1. Contestants must bring their college ID cards for registration.
  2. Registration fee: 150/- .
  3. Contestants should bring proper sport wears (shots, tracksuits.etc)
  4. Roadies event should need at least 15 contestants.
  5. Roadies include specific number of tasks.
  6. Activities include physical game and no break time is given.
  7. The event takes place in two sections.
  8. First section is to minimize the participants (selection round) And the selected participants will face the continuous rally of tasks.
  9. The participants who reach the finishing point first will be announced as the winner.
  10. Winner will be granted the cash price.


Rules and Regulations

  1. 15 teams will be allowed.
  2. A team can have max. 5 members
  3. Registration through online or at venue.
  4. Event conducting in applied department classes.
  5. Working demos are expecting and judgment will be based on the categories

  6. Competition and exhibition includes

    1. Robots.
    2. Robotic arm and vehicles.
    3. Static and movable robots.
    4. Static and movable robots.
    5. All other types.


    1. Creativity
    2. Real type application
    3. Material used


Rules and Regulations

  1. Each paper has 10 minutes for presentation.
  2. 5 minutes for discussion.
  3. Areas related to Control, instrumentation, electronics, automation, signal processing, image processing are invited.
  4. Registration through online.
  5. Paper abstract should submit day before event.