Royal College of Engineering & Technology,Akkikavu

Dept. of ECE

Main Events

Drone Workshop(DIY)

Come and join us..Get your parts and technology... Skill up... Lift your Drone.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Total 50 seats available.
  2. It will split into 5 groups, each contains 10 members.
  3. Each group will make a drone.
  4. Registration fee 300 per head.
  5. If any registered person unable to attend, they have to inform prior.
  6. All the registered students must attend the full day otherwise certification will not be provided.
  7. All the registered students must be at the venue at sharp 8.30 Am.

Shoot em Up

The battle of colours...

Rules and Regulations

All players must read and agree to follow all player safety rules, field safety guidelines, and sign the Indemnity Agreement prior to participating in any paintball activities, without exception.

  1. MARKERS WILL REMAIN UN-COCKED, POINTED AT THE GROUND, WITH A BARREL BAG OR PLUG IN PLACE AT ALL TIMES. Barrel bags or plugs may only be removed within the Paintball field when authorized by a referee for gameplay.
  2. Markers may only be shot while playing inside the paintball field during gameplay or when authorized by a referee in order to conduct chronographic velocity tests.
  3. GOGGLES AND FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Goggles may only be removed within the designated safety area.
  4. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT. You cannot touch another player (no hostages, interrogations, kidnapping, etc).
  7. No external velocity adjusting devices which would allow a player to adjust the velocity of their marker without the use of tools or disassembly.
  8. NO BLIND SHOOTING. Always be aware of where you are shooting. You may NOT stick your marker around a barricade, etc. and blindly shoot at an opponent.
  9. NO POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS GEAR. No knives, trip wire, firearms, explosives, incendiaries, etc.
  11. NO VERBAL ABUSE. No offensive remarks about another participant’s race, religion, ethnicity, or parentage will be tolerated.
  12. NO CLIMBING OF TREES OR STRUCTURES. No running into, jumping on, jumping over or leaning excessively hard on the air bunkers.
  13. DO NOT TRY TO DISASSEMBLE OR ADJUST YOUR MARKER. If you need equipment service, notify a referee or other Outdoor Recreation staff member. They will gladly assist you.
  14. AVOID FIELD HAZARDS. Watch where you are running. Be mindful of obstacles and other players.
  15. DO NOT SHOOT ELIMINATED PLAYERS. If the referee sees you shoot an obviously eliminated player, you will be eliminated, too.


Are you a tech savvy professional student to contribute and develop unique concepts by developing prototypes around emerging frontiers in technology ? Bring here and show case it.Validate it by winning attractive prizes...

Rules and Regulations

  1. Maximum number of participation per team: 3no.’s.
  2. Students must bring the working model of the system.
  3. The students must bring their on Laptops or other gadgets (if required).
  4. Can bring charts for explaining.
  5. The participants must keep the venue neat and clean.
  6. The team must be present at the venue during the entire span of the event.
  7. College is not responsible for any damage or Loss during the event.
  8. Participants must be present on the venue prior to the start of Event.
  9. The decision of the judging committee will be final.
  10. Misbehaviour can lead to disqualification as well as reporting to the concerned authorities.
  11. Chest number allotted must be displayed properly during the time of Evaluation.

Idea Pitch

Pitch your innovative idea that can resolve any problem statements of our society..sell your idea with in 10 min...

Rules and Regulations

  1. Only one person can participate.
  2. Time allocation: 5minutes for Idea Pitch,5minutes for Queries.
  3. Points are awarded according to the ideas presented and its social relevance.
  4. Certificates and prize will be awarded only to the winners.
  5. Presentation Slides are not entertained. (Note: You may bring charts, prototypes etc. if available)
  6. Judges decisions will be the final.
  7. Misbehaviour can lead to disqualification as well as reporting to the concerned authorities

paper presentation

Testing your innovative ideas and presentation skills.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Abstract should be mailed to on or before 22/10/2017 in .doc or .pdf format
  2. Abstract should be submitted with delegates’ name, college name, contact number and e mail ID.
  3. Acceptance will be intimated through e mail only. Providing e mail ID and contact numbers along with abstract is important.
  4. Abstracts received after the due date will be summarily rejected.
  5. Abstracts will be evaluated (including plagiarism) by an internal evaluation committee. However the delegates should themselves check and correct plagiarism issues before abstract submission.
  6. The delegates, whose paper has been selected, should submit their full paper in IEEE format on the day of presentation. Click here for IEEE format template
  7. A maximum of two delegates can participate in a topic presentation. Only one delegate can present the paper.
  8. Delegates should bring their own laptops having VGA port for the presentation.
  9. Tine allotted for presenting a topic is 15 minutes, of which 5 minutes will be question & answer session.
  10. Delegates must bring their college ID card on the day of presentation.
  11. The final winners will be decided by an external judgment panel and the decision made by this panel will be final.
  12. WE

    Are you ready to face your fear? Girls.... Come over and dare it. Never let your fear decide you!

    Rules and Regulations

    1. Number of participants: 2, Substitution of participants is not allowed.
    2. Dress should be neat and comfortable.
    3. Participants should be physically fit.
    4. Safety of the contestant is assured.
    5. Safety of the contestant is assured.
    6. Judgment of external panel will be final.