Royal College of Engineering & Technology,Akkikavu

Dept. of EEE

Main Events

Vibrantzz 2k17

The South Indian Inter College music Band Fest. An aura of rhythms which stimulates the veins... If you are a true rocker, then this is the best place you ever got.. Be the next generation combo with the Vibrantzz...!! Set the fire, make the crowd wild and let your music breathe life!!!!

Rules and Regulations

  1. Maximum of 10 members are allowed to perform for a band troop.
  2. It is compulsory for all participants and non participants to carry their college ID cards and the consent letter from the Principal.The participants of arts colleges should be accompanied by their staff coordinator.
  3. spot registration is not permitted
  4. Time limit: Each band will be allotted 20 minutes (5 minutes for set-up+15 minutes for performance
  5. Band teams can perform songs in languages of their own choice.(minimum of two languages)
  6. Pre recorded sounds are not permitted.
  7. Growling is not permitted
  8. A 5 piece drum kit will be provided by Vibrantzz team at the venue.
  9. Band members can be from various colleges and the members are allowed to play for only one band in the event.
  10. All participants should compulsorily bring their ID cards
  11. The valuation of performance will depend on the voice quality, sound quality of instrumentsand onstage attitude of participants
  12. Extra marks will be awarded for the own composition of bands.
  13. Decision of the judges will be final.
  14. In case of any issues the decision of the band coordinator will be final.

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Ironhide-Robowar 2k17

Robowar is the competition carried out between robots. This event aims at testing your Robot against another in a field of combat where brute strength and cat-like reflexes hold the key to success. The competitor have to bring their robots, ready to battle and defeat their challenger. It goes with one-on-one matches. The challenge is to create a robot (manually controlled / autonomous) whose sole purpose is to push, throw, flip, drag, or otherwise move your opponent out of the arena within a stipulated time. Here is a nice platform for you to show your warrior attitude. This is not war of evil and God, but for the great techno-minds, who design the robots. Prizes consist of monetary awards to the top competing teams.

Competition procedure

  1. A team should consist of two members (no individual registration allowed).
  2. Registration will be closed by 9:30 AM.
  3. There will be 3 levels, each from a different genre of games.
  4. Every team should be present on time.Registration fee per team is Rs.50.
  5. For any dispute, the decision of arbitrator will be final and it can lead to immediate disqualification.

Mind spark

SPARX is an event, that motivates the creative thinking as well as the technical knowledge of the participator. A socially relevant problem is given to the participator. Through the out-of-box creative thinking of the participator, they have to raise a solution for the given problem. Judges awards the best engineering based solution. and they get amazing prize award. So think different and just do it.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Teams of two members each.
  2. Maximum 10 minutes for each team.
  3. The idea should be technical.
  4. Try to convey their idea about the technology using slides, drawings, etc.
  5. Should bring 3 copies of short description.
  6. The Judging panel’s decision will be final.

Circuit debugging

Electrical / Electronics circuits with wrong wiring and components given to the students ,students have to correct this circuit in a given time.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Participants selected to this event are given a hardware circuit and faults in the circuit should be identified to get the correct output.
  2. Some hardware components will be given and the participants will be asked to wire a simple circuit and show the output within a specified time limit.
  3. Maximum number of students per team is 2.
  4. The selected teams have to make a circuit in a given time duration, as per the instructions provided.
  5. These rules are tentative and may change, if required.
  6. The decision of the organizers will be final.
  7. Results once declared will be final.
  8. Participants bear the whole responsibility of their components and equipment.
  9. The participants have to debug the given circuits in a given time constraint and rectify them.

Workshop on Internet of things

This workshop introduces you to the amazing world of IOT and its fascinating applications. Using Arduino development kit and ESP8266.